2019-2020 Fall


-The quiz will be on lab hours. To make it clear here is a list of Wednesday and Friday sections. (If there is a special case, e-mail me.)

-Last week there will be a quiz on lab hours.

-Due Date of the first project is changed to 20/12/2019 17:00.

-The first project is here.

-Students did not send me their groups are a group of two:

Anıl DEMÄ°REL (201117012), Rıdvan ÇAKAR (201517013).

-Because of the Republic Day, the due date of laboratory homework is updated as of 08/11/2019 at 17:00. Also, there will be no laboratory hours on the 7th week, use it to improve your robot code. 

-Homework is here. E-mail me your groups before 25/10/2019 at 17:00. The due date is 01/11/2019 at 17:00.

- Students that have written their names on Friday for Wednesday classes have to attend section 1 lab hours and other students to section 2.

2018-2019 Fall

- Letter grades have been uploaded to the system.

- Final Exam results can be found in "Grades" section of the course webpage.

-Midterm results is in "Grades" section the course webpage. 

-New assignment has been uploaded to the "Assignments" section of the course webpage. Given tasks are to be done until 10.12.2018. Volkan Erbay will give you only technical assistance. You must complete the tasks by yourself.

- Laboratory and lecture notes  has been uploaded to the "Lecture Notes" section of the course webpage.



2016-2017 fall semester:

midterm midterm_solution final final_solutions

2015-2016 fall and 2014-2015 fall semesters:

midterms_finals1 midterms_finals2

Example questions:

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Flag:  bayrak

Exchange parts: exchangeparts

Pick and place and pick and place back: ex5, pickandplace, pickandplaceback, keylistener

Exchange parts with reference: start, pickandplace, ref1, ref2

Lab project: In a Pallet there will be 8 locations for cylindiric materials and 7 of the locations will be full (locations 1-2-3-4-5-6-7 are full 8 is empty.


a) Put the cylindrical materials over and over in two different stacks while doing this put the first chosen material to stack 1 and second material to stack 2, third material to stack1 ,and the fourth material to stack 2 and continue in this manner.

b) Replace the materials back to the pallet . But this time replace the first stack first (the material at the top of the stack to first location at the palllet, the material just below the top of the stack to second location at the palllet, and contuniu in this way. when first stack ends do the same thing for the second stack in similar fashion 

c) Perform Task1 for n cycles

Parallel Task: Whever the green botton on the control pannel is pressed complete Task 1 at that cycle and move the robot to starting position

Course notes: 1 2 3 4